02 Nov 2018

"Is it possible to build a reference monitor that’s so small you can put it in a briefcase, while retaining usable audio quality? IK says yes."

13 Jun 2018

"For the price and size, they are, as Darth Vader so eloquently put, “most impressive”."

05 Jun 2018

"If you are in the music business or just looking to get some very good sound, these monitors would be an excellent choice."

19 Feb 2018

Produce Like A Pro review and video course special

28 Sep 2017

Performer Mag's review of IK's new speaker monitor system

16 Aug 2017

Gearfuse review of IK's reference studio monitors

09 Aug 2017

"I could happily mix with the iLouds on a regular basis"

04 Aug 2017

"Exceptional sound quality for the price and size"

11 Jul 2017

Top music school equips student lab with ultra-compact, accurate studio monitors

28 Jun 2017

"These are probably the best desktop speakers you can get"

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