28 Sep 2022

iLoud Micro Makes Top 5

Why Bedroom Producers Blog choose IK’s portable studio monitors

Bedroom Producers Blog recently posted a roundup of budget studio monitors for 2022 and iLoud Micro Monitor made their Top 5. See below to learn why IK's compact monitors are ideal for home recording.

As we launch the new iLoud Precision line, the Micro's will always have their place for musicians and producers on the go.

Whether you're looking for a portable monitoring solution or simply running low on desktop space, the iLoud Micro is a choice that is both compact and lightweight.

What's more, they have no shortage of power and are surprisingly analytical for studio monitors of this size.

Bedroom Producers Blog on iLoud Micro Monitor

"Although they don't have a balanced XLR input, these are still professional DSP monitors that are a great option for small spaces and situations where you aren't using an external audio interface.

"Connectivity includes mini-jack, RCA, and Bluetooth. IK Multimedia also included three switches for tuning the iLoud Micro to your room."

Read the full Bedroom Producers Blog article

Learn more about iLoud Micro Monitors HERE


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iLoud Micro Monitors




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