2 Oct 2020

iLoud Micro Monitor wins 5/5 maximum score from MusicRadar

"A cut above anything else at this size and price range"

MusicRadar's expert reviewer Chris Corfield has been taking a close look at iLoud Micro Monitor and was so impressed that he gave the maximum 5 out of 5 score.

Here are some of his key comments:

"The first thing to note about the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor set is that they are indeed small."

"Once connected, any fears over the sonic potential of the Micro Monitor system were quickly thrown out the window."

"The amount of clean headroom on offer here far outstrips anything else in the size and price bracket, which gave us confidence."

"The stated frequency range is also better than average, heading towards the 55Hz range without too much trouble."

"There is even a selection of switches to the rear of the powered speaker which allow you to adjust various pre-set EQ settings to ensure they suit the space in which they’re located. This is a nice touch."

"It’s clear, from all these small details, that the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor speakers have been made by people who understand studios, and music production."

Chris's final verdict was:

"The iLoud Micro Monitor speakers from IK Multimedia are, quite simply, a cut above anything else at this size and price range. For clear, accurate referencing, they compare favourably with more established brands, and we’d urge you to give them a try."

Final score: 5 out of 5 stars

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