12 Jan 2023

Raczynski on iloud Micro

“There is such a thing as a portable, reference, studio monitor and they sound fantastic!"

Musician and blogger Bogdan Raczynski is on a mission to make music wherever life takes him and has found the perfect Bluetooth-ready travel speaker in the iLoud Micro Monitors.

In a recent post, Raczynski analyzes IK's compact studio monitors and comes to some interesting observations, while answering all the possible questions you might have.

Here are highlights and a link to the full review below:

Overall, I can't imagine you can find something that sounds as good as the iLoud Micro Monitors, certainly not at this size and price point!

Bogdan Raczynski

"There is such a thing as a portable, reference, studio monitor. They're called the iLoud Micro Monitor by IK Multimedia, and they sound fantastic!

You're getting the monitors primarily because you want to hear the sound accurately, which the iLoud Micro Monitors provide. As a bonus, they are very small and won't break the bank.

Bogdan Raczynski

"I was ecstatic when I found these monitors. They are serving me well for real, professional sound-based work, referencing, composition, and they are great for general purpose listening.

The iLoud Micro Monitors have enhanced my studio time. Their size means that I can fluidly adapt them to working with my laptop, modular synth, or other external gear.

Bogdan Raczynski

"By being small, easy to move around and plug and unplug, the iLoud Micro Monitors are conducive to experimentation and, well, just having fun.

In an unexpected bonus, the iLoud Micro Monitors support the A2DP protocol. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile does what it says, providing higher quality audio access over Bluetooth.

Bogdan Raczynski

Read the full Bogdan Raczynski review HERE.

High-end sound without the high-end price

product image

iLoud Micro Black


product image

iLoud Micro White




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