08 Feb 2023

The touring musician loves everything about the IK’s virtual instrument!

18 Jan 2023

"I challenge anyone to tell me if it is a real B3 or the B-3X software."

15 Apr 2022

“I can have the perfect Hammond sound no matter where I go!”

30 Mar 2022

“I’m a huge fan of the Hammond B-3X from IK Multimedia!”

15 Mar 2022

Musical Director Javad “Mrklynik” Day: “The Hammond B-3X is a game-changer for me!”

23 Feb 2022

The Revivalists member explains how to get your own unique organ sound with Hammond B-3X

31 Dec 2020

Signature new sounds by the keyboard artist and composer

08 Jun 2020

Low deep bass end, punch, and clarity from such a small speaker...

28 May 2020

"They are very versatile and the sound quality is absolutely incredible"

23 Mar 2020

Jordan took the stage with Hammond B-3X as his sole organ instrument.

23 Jan 2020

Keyboardist for The Who uses Hammond B-3X when he needs "that authentic Hammond sound".

20 Nov 2019

"I feel like I got my old B3 back, mods and all. Ten thumbs up to IK Multimedia."

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