23 Jan 2020

Loren Gold on Hammond B-3X

Keyboardist for The Who uses Hammond B-3X when he needs "that authentic Hammond sound".

For many years, keyboardists everywhere have been lugging around an ultra-heavy authentic Hammond B3 organ to achieve its unmistakable sound on stage.  IK saw potential in this, teaming up with Hammond and Suzuki instruments to take the hassle out of the performance, and to preserve the true sound, character, and presence of the Hammond B3 with our Hammond B-3X software.  Loren Gold of The Who is one of the artists who has chosen to bring this organ virtual instrument with him on tour to simplify his setup saying,

The Hammond B-3X from IK Multimedia is a fabulous piece of software. It is my default plugin when I need that authentic Hammond sound. Whether I'm in the studio or on the road it's so useful to have this iconic sound ready to go in my computer.

Loren Gold has been the keyboardist and backup vocalist for The Who, and has performed with Roger Daltrey since 2009.  Also serving as the Musical Director for younger artists such as served as Musical Director for Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, Loren has been involved with all sorts of performance and talent.  He trusts Hammond B-3X to bring an authentic, trustworthy sound to the studio when working on projects and performances.

Learn more about Hammond B-3X here.


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