31 Dec 2020

Free Tom Brislin presets for Hammond B-3X

Signature new sounds by the keyboard artist and composer

IK is pleased to announce a free collection of 10 presets for Hammond B-3X by Tom Brislin, the acclaimed keyboard player and current member of Kansas. These are a great way to expand your arsenal of useful Hammond B-3X tones, as well as get a glimpse into how a master instrumentalist achieves the desired tone.

To get your Tom Brislin presets for Hammond B-3X for Mac/PC, just launch IK Product Manager, go to Manage My Products, find Hammond B-3X and install the new version (1.3.2).

To get your Tom Brislin presets for Hammond B-3X for iPad, go to the App Store and update your version to the new version (1.3.2).

About Tom Brislin
Tom Brislin has a rich pedigree. He toured with Yes during their 2001 YesSymphonic tour. He also worked with Meat Loaf, Debbie Harry and Renaissance. He was the songwriter, musical director and producer of the band Spiraling for four albums, and wrote and produced a solo album Hurry up and Smell the Roses in 2012.

Tom co-founded the international supergroup The Sea Within, with whom he still works, and joined Kansas in 2019 as their keyboardist. You can hear him playing on the new album from Kansas entitled The Absence of Presence.

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