25 May 2022

All-purpose delay and reverb pedals live up to the hype and then some

25 May 2022

Watch and hear her play “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

02 May 2022

Hear a variety of the exotic spaces and shimmering sounds

18 Apr 2022

Hear everything from crystal clear delays to distorted echoes

08 Apr 2022

“A highly tweakable pedal that could make a lot of other delay pedals redundant.”

22 Mar 2022

Watch the latest videos to see if X-⁠TIME is right for you

08 Mar 2022

Watch as Riccardo Gioggi dives in to find out!

28 Feb 2022

"Extensive feature sets packed around top-notch effects."

17 Feb 2022

“Destined to become a Nashville favorite.”

13 Jan 2022

Can you hear the difference?

04 Jan 2022

“Worthy of a very high spot on this list. I replaced 4 pedals for $300!”

22 Dec 2021

Hear the distortion pedal get tested with different guitars and settings


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