28 Feb 2022

AmpliTube X-GEAR Scores High

Future Music: "Extensive feature sets packed around top-notch effects."

Future Music just published a review of all 4 AmpliTube X-GEAR effects pedals, giving them a score of 8.9/10. Future Music says "The X-GEARs offer extensive feature sets packed around top-notch effects that cover all the bases without skimping on tone or tweakability."

Here are some extracts from the review with highlights for each pedal:

"The X-GEAR quad of multi-effects digital stompboxes have something of the completist's catnip about them. The neatly styled yet robust anodized aluminum casings each house a DSP-powered core of 16 effects algorithms ... and a comprehensive set of global and preset-based parameters to tweak until the end of time.

X-DRIVE's 16 algorithms include modeled classics, some essentials and a bitcrusher. There's a great deal of control on offer for each effect.

Future Music

"Like X-DRIVE, with X-VIBE there is more flexibility here than any of the 'real deals' and it runs most of the gamut of modulation effects, sounding full, fruity and ever so swishy the whole way.

"X-TIME, along with X-SPACE, does not carry models of real-world units, but this is no loss when delving into its smorgasbord of delay/echo.

"X-SPACE is likely to find work outside of guitar world. The Room, Chamber, Plate and Spring algorithms can really lift a source without smearing or swamping"

Future Music Conclusion

"Each X-GEAR pedal offers a mix of flexibility, sound quality and creative range that, for the price, is hard to equal. The high-quality effects are made more useful by the host of features packed in around them, from the multi-function footswitches to the USB interfacing. Guitarists may be the primary market, but for synths, keyboards and reamping these pedals that keep giving."

Future Music on X-GEAR

  • 16 high-quality effects algorithms
  • Easy to program, manage and archive
  • Dual live and USB interface use

Read the full X-GEAR review HERE.

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AmpliTube X-GEAR



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