25 Jul 2022

UNO Synth Pro Meets X-GEAR

Freaky Tweaky demonstrates how to create wild soundscapes

UNO Synth Pro continues to gain fans who love the sound of its analog circuitry, digital control and built-in effects. But to really push the boundaries, you can never have too many effects. And that's where outboard gear comes into play.

Because of their high-fidelity, true-stereo processing and 16 unique algorithms, each AmpliTube X-GEAR pedal is an ideal partner for taking analog synth sounds to new places.

In this video performance by Freaky Tweaky, you'll hear UNO Synth Pro going through AmpliTube X-DRIVE overdrive, X-TIME delay and X-SPACE reverb pedals, with the beat provided by IK's popular UNO Drum.

As the sequence progresses, we learn how far UNO Synth Pro can go with the right effects!

Visit Freaky Tweaky's YouTube Channel HERE.

Build a killer rig with UNO Synth Pro and AmpliTube X-GEAR.

product image

UNO Synth Pro

product image

UNO Drum

product image

X-TIME delay pedal

product image

X-SPACE reverb pedal



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