24 Oct 2022

Giving 5 stars to IK’s monster package of amp modeling and FX software

15 Jul 2022

Learn why “this online platform is community building at its finest.”

15 Jun 2022

Learn how to make the most of all the gear and find your sound

09 May 2022

Watch and learn as he uses its more advanced features

04 Apr 2022

Ace from Skunk Anansie: “When I plugged in, the sounds were surprisingly accurate.”

31 Mar 2022

Sam Bell: "It's like having the real amps right there on your desktop."

29 Mar 2022

MusicRadar’s 9 steps for using effects pedals effectively in AmpliTube 5

20 Oct 2021

Phil Demmel: “I dare you to pull this stuff up and not play those riffs!”

20 Sep 2021

VuDu Studios: “These exclusive Fender sounds in AmpliTube 5 are amazing!”

13 Sep 2021

VuDu Studios: “Awesome selection of amps. Really the cream of the Orange crop.”

27 Aug 2021

Nik Nocturnal: “That’s just a really good lead tone. OK, let’s ruin it.”

16 Jun 2021

“AmpliTube 5 is that rare thing: an entirely worthwhile update”


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