What's Inside

AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop is a free download that gets you started making beautiful guitar music on your computer. When you download the app, you get 42 pieces of gear including:

  • 10 Stompbox Models – 7 Band Graphic, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Diode Overdrive, Flanger, Noise Gate, Opto Tremolo, Volume, Wah
  • 6 Amplifiers – Brit 8000, American Tube Clean, American Tube Clean 2, British Tube Lead 1, SLD 100, Solid State Bass Preamp
  • 7 Cabinets – 1x12 Open Vintage, 1x15 Bass Vintage, 2x12 Closed Vintage, 4x10 Open Vintage, 4x12 Brit 8000, 4x12 Closed Vintage, 4x12 Metal T
  • 4 Speakers – American 12K, Brit 80, , Brit Green, Brit V2
  • 3 Microphones – Dynamic 57, Condenser 414, Condenser 87
  • 6 Rack Effects Units – Digital Chorus, Digital Delay, Digital Reverb, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Tube Compressor
  • 6 Rooms – Amp Closet, Garage, Hall, Large Studio, Mid Studio, Small Studio
  • Installs as a Plug-in or as a Standalone Application (Mac/PC)

You can add any of the following gear to your virtual guitar/bass rig at any time, day or night, with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Choose gear from the world’s top manufacturers of hardware, all official models and sound-certified by the respective companies. Check out all of these fabulous, collectible and iconic tone shapers, and don’t forget you can demo any of them for a period of 72 hours free of charge. Try that at your local music store!

Below are all the models of gear you can add to your rig through the Custom Shop.


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