24 Oct 2022

Guitar World Loves AmpliTube 5

Giving 5 stars to IK’s monster package of amp modeling and FX software

Guitar World recently took a close look at AmpliTube 5, examining its massive collection of gear and features and giving the application 5/5 stars! Guitar World makes it clear that guitar and bass players need look no further for finding their sound and recording amazing tracks.

I still feel my heart fluttering when I fire up a model of an amp that I'm almost certainly never going to own, like a '57 Bandmaster, but the real joy for me is developing sophisticated routings that would be almost impossible to configure in real life.

Guitar World


+Massive collection of amps and FX
+Modelling is first class
+Many models officially approved by major brands
+Extensive routing possibilities
+Enormous fun


-UI is ultra-realistic but slightly clunky because of it
-MAX version is quite an investment but still good value (MAX is on sale now, see below)

"Of course, where AmpliTube differs from real life is that you have an almost limitless amount of kit at your disposal. You can arrange that kit in complex paths that can be split two or three ways or run in parallel for powerful stereo effects.

"What saves AmpliTube from immediately degenerating into a bewildering confusion of audio befuddlement is the visual clarity of the virtual signal and the software's powerful search functionality.

Just how accurate is the modeling? It's sufficient to recognize that AmpliTube's models are endorsed by the likes of Fender, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Brian May and Slash. You're not going to find a more accurate software modeling package.

Guitar World

"Cab and speaker implementation is ridiculously powerful. Not only can you mix and match guitar cabs with amp heads, AmpliTube lets you experiment with different speaker types, mics and even precise mic placement.

"And the effects? Not only are the effects excellent but the breadth of what's available is simply crazy."

Guitar World Conclusion

With version 5, AmpliTube has evolved into an extraordinarily powerful sound design environment. The quality of the modeling is superb, the quantity of included gear is unsurpassed and the scope of what it can achieve is limited only by your creativity.

Guitar World

"Whether you want to dabble with rare boutique amps, develop characterful tones from unusual routings in your DAW or use it to play complex live sets, it's hard not to recommend AmpliTube 5."

Read the full Guitar World review HERE.

Download AmpliTube 5 CS for FREE today or grab the MAX version on sale now.

product image

AmpliTube 5 MAX

$/€599.99 $/€199.99 sale price



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