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The Mix Page: A DAW within a DAW


The MIX tab is where SampleTank 3 gives you the familiar interface of a DAW mixer with console-style channel strips and insert FX. There are three kinds of Channels: Part Channels that contain SampleTank Instruments, Return Channels that are used for global-style effects (like delay and reverb) that can be used for several Instruments simultaneously and the Master Channel where you can perform all your final mastering processing.


Part Channels

The Part Channels

Channels 1-16 represent each of the 16 Parts in SampleTank 3. Each Part can contain a single SampleTank Instrument with a channel strip that gives you mixing board style controls for volume, pan, mute and solo.

Use the 4 send buttons and use the send knob to adjust the send levels from the channel to the 4 Return Channels where you'd typically put multiple instrument effects as opposed to those used on each channel. You can also use the sends to create “groups” for processing with bus processors like compressors, limiters and equalizers.

At the top of each channel strip are the 5 insert effects slots. Click to load any of SampleTank's 3 effects into any slot – there are no limitations other than that of your computer’s CPU power.

The effect slots are serial: the first slot feeds the second slot, the second slot feeds the third slot and so on. These effects process only their own channel, just the individual Part and its loaded Instrument.

Use an effect slot to view the effect in the FX Panel at the bottom of the window just like on the PLAY page.


Return Channels

The Return Channels

To the right of the 16 Part Channels are the 4 Return Channels. These channels do not contain Instruments but instead are fed a signal from the 4 effect sends on each of the Part Channels. This lets you send signals from any Part Channel to any Return Channel.

Typically, the Return Channels are used for effects fed from multiple instruments like reverbs and delays — for example, you can use just one ConvoRoom reverb for your piano, string pad or synth lead. But you can also use the Return Channels as “groups” to process several Instruments together with bus processors like compressors, limiters and equalizers. The Black 76, White 2A and Model 670 limiters and Tube Program EQ are exceptional for bus processing.

This technique is especially powerful with multiple drum channels. For example, put your kick drums on one channel, snare drums on the next channel and toms on another channel. First process them individually with their insert effects and then equalize and compress them as a group for a punchy and aggressive sound that's suitable for any genre. Bus processing helps you “glue” multiple elements together by using common processing on the group which adds clarity and punch to your production. The best mixing engineers have used this technique for years. Now you can use it right inside your Instrument before it even reaches the DAW. It’s like having 4 additional master channel strips!


Master Channel

The Master Channel

IK Multimedia made a big splash with its T-RackS mastering suite of top analog-modeled effects and precision digital processors. T-RackS provides you with the tools to “master” your final mix with global equalization, compression, limiting and even stereo width adjustments and subtle global reverb effects. Now you can do the same thing right inside SampleTank 3.

The Master Channel has 5 effect slots just like the Part Channels and Return Channels. Once you have dialed in the effects on your individual Part Channels and used the sends to apply reverbs and delays — plus any bus processing of groups of instruments — you can then master your final output with effects on the Master Channel. And we mentioned T-RackS for a reason: 4 of the best analog modeled mastering effects from T-RackS are included in SampleTank 3: the Black 76, White 2A and Model 670 limiters as well as the Tube Program EQ. All of these effects have been meticulously modeled after some of the most famous analog studio outboard gear of all time.

This is equipment that's defined the sound of some of the biggest hits in popular music, from classic rock to modern electronic music. You will not find effects of this quality included in any other virtual instrument on the market today.


Working with Effects

The MIX page makes working with effects easy. It features an FX Panel that displays the controls for the selected effect so you can quickly and easily dial in the exact sound you’re after. We’ve taken the same eye-catching design aesthetic of the instrument icons to the effects themselves: Guitar amp effects actually look like guitar amp panels. Classic studio outboard gear looks exactly like its outboard hardware equivalent and the same goes for all the included stomp boxes. SampleTank 3’s new effects follow the same beautifully designed approach. More than just a set of parameters, SampleTank 3’s effects give you the look and feel of the studio effects that have defined music from the ‘60s to the present. And with the legacy of AmpliTube and T-RackS you can trust that they sound like the real thing.

Full Amps

American Vintage T

British Tube Lead 2

Jazz Amp 120

Modern Tube Lead

SVT Classic

Amp Combo


Amp Components



Tone Control








EQ and Dynamics

Channel Strip

Black 76

White 2A


EQ Comp

Model 670

Vintage EQ-1A

Parametric EQ




Ensemble Chorus

Chorus C1

Electric Flanger


AM Modulation


Env Flanger


Opto Tremolo

Rotary Speaker

Small Phazer

Multi Chorus



FM Modulation


Reverb and Delay

Acoustic Resonance

Hall Reverb

Plate Reverb



Tape Echo



Reverb Delay

Spring Reverb


Filter / Other

Piano Lid

Auto Pan

LFO Filter

Env Filter


Stereo Imager

Multi Filter





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