Acoustic Drums

For those who want to pick up a drum and start grooving, SampleTank 3 features 5 all-new multi-velocity acoustic drumkits, each of which has been sampled to take advantage of SampleTank 3's "round robin" feature with an extensive set of drum elements sampled in multiple ways. For extreme accuracy and realism these kits feature 6 velocity levels and up to 10 round robin samples — on par with many industry standard stand-alone drum-only products. All these kits are mapped according to General MIDI standard. On top of these full drumkits, SampleTank 3's feature also separate snares, kicks, toms, hi-hats, ride cymbals and crash cymbals sample sets with hundreds of variations for each element. This allows for extensive custom drum programming.

Should you not be a drummer 700 MIDI acoustic drum patterns are there to help. Let SampleTank 3 lay down the groove so you can jam with ready-to-go patterns like Blues, Country, Funky, Metal, Pop, Punk and Rock. All of these patterns include Intro, Verse, Chorus, Fill and Outro so you can build full pro-sounding drum tracks with ease. And to kick things into high gear, all of these drum sounds can be used with SampleTank 3's new outboard effects derived from T-RackS like the Black 76, the White 2A, Model 670 and Vintage EQ1. With these in the mix you'll get a punch you can feel, a character you can appreciate and a definition you can hear, and that's something you can only get when you jam with SampleTank 3.