There are 5 new acoustic pianos in SampleTank 3: two of the finest grand pianos in the world (one Hamburg-made and one Japanese-made), one baby grand piano and one upright piano (both Japanese made) and a honky tonk piano. All these instruments have been painstakingly sampled in Italy by IK's team of engineers with our collection of vintage and modern microphones to have precise control of the final results. All have been sampled with multi-velocities (up to 7) for incredible realism and a playability that rivals even the best dedicated virtual piano instruments. And now SampleTank 3 has pushed piano instrument emulation to the next level with its new Acoustic Resonance effect which reproduces and gives control of the soundboard resonance of a grand piano. And with the new Piano Lid effect — which emulates the lid aperture of a real grand piano — you'll experience a degree of realism that you've never heard before.