The pro-audio recording app for iPhone, iPad and Android, now with video!

Despite the great number of video recording apps available today, very few of them seem to focus on an easy way to get professional sounding audio tracks together with the recorded video.
iRig Recorder 3 is the perfect solution for all those users who aim at producing superb sounding audio/video content directly on their device, share it with the rest of the world or export
it for further editing.

Whether you are a musician, a podcaster, a journalist, a student, a video-maker, a blogger or you simply wish to share your content with your family and friends, iRig Recorder 3 gives you everything you need to record serious audio and video at the same time, anywhere you go.


Record “selfie” videos, live performances, lectures, speeches, interviews and much more at the touch of a finger! iRig Recorder 3 is the go-to app to go for both professionals and enthusiasts who need a tool capable of higher versatility when it comes to creating ready-to-share, high-quality video with great audio content directly on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

iRig Recorder 3 supports both portrait and landscape audio and video recording, allowing iPad and Android tablet users to take advantage of the full size of their device's screen for previewing and recording higher quality videoclips. Together with IK’s iKlip Grip range of multifunctional camera stands for iPhone and smartphones, or iKlip Xpand mounts for iPad and tablets, iRig Recorder 3 provides a great solution for shooting professional audio/video anywhere, on the go.

New professional and creative audio effects

iRig Recorder 3 now includes an expandable collection of up to 17 professional and creative audio effects that can be applied to the audio recording for sound optimization and creative purposes, doubling the number of effects available in the previous version of the app.

Professional effects

  • Normalize: apply a constant amount of gain to your recordings to maximize the average sound level.
  • Stereo Imager: adjust the spatial perception of your recording.
  • Compressor: reduces the dynamic range of the input signal for a more even and consistent sound. Modeled on a classic analog compressor, it gives your audio material more presence and punchiness.
  • 3-band EQ: adjust the balance of the frequency content of your recordings.

Creative effects

  • Morph: an inspiring tool that gives you the opportunity to explore unique sounds.
  • Reverb: a spatial effect designed to simulate rooms, halls and studio plates, in order to add depth and dimension to your recordings.
  • Chorus: creates an ensemble sound from a single source using a modulated delay line.
  • Delay: an echo effect designed to add spaciousness and dimension.

Classic effects

  • Brighten Voice: automatically increases clarity of speech and vocals.
  • Cleanup: automatically cleans up the background noise in recordings.
  • Optimize Tone: automatically adjusts for optimal equalization.
  • Optimize Volume: automatically adjusts for optimal volume.
  • Pitch Shift: raises or lowers the pitch of the recording without changing duration.
  • Smooth Voice: automatically smooths harsh or overly bright vocals.
  • Speed Down: increases the duration the speed of the recording without altering its pitch.
  • Speed Up: decreases the duration of the recording without altering its pitch.

You can also apply fade ins/outs to the recording, which is helpful to create more natural transitions before exporting your final project.

iRig Recorder 3 is ideal for use with IK Multimedia's full range of portable iRig audio interfaces (both single and multi channel, such as iRig Pro Quattro I/O) and microphones, for superior audio quality in the studio or on the field, and includes convenient, easy to use on-screen waveform editing functions.

inter-app_audio_badge Audiobus-Badge-Input+Filter+Output

Use it with your favorite audio apps

On iPhone and iPad iRig Recorder 3 is fully Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible*, which means it can seamlessly receive audio from other IK apps such as, AmpliTube, SampleTank, VocaLive, EZ Voice (or other third-party apps), and directly record their processed audio together with video for great “selfie-style” clips that can be socialized immediately.

Share away

Share your amazing content via a large selection of online services and social media like Airdrop™*, Messages™, SoundCloud®, Facebook®, WhatsApp™, DropBox™, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™*, E-mail, Wi-Fi™, FTP or iTunes™ File Sharing*, in a variety of sizes and formats. Showing the world how great your videos sound has never been easier.


Advanced Multimedia Export

One of the features that make iRig Recorder 3 stand out from the crowd, is its ability to export all of your content in separate files for convenient editing in a DAW or other third-party video editing software. A convenient, professional-oriented feature that is not found in any other audio/video recording app on the market.


  • Convenient, easy-to-use mono/stereo audio and video mobile recording app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Completely redesigned, streamlined elegant interface
  • Perfect companion for all IK Multimedia microphones and mobile audio interfaces
  • One-touch recording/capture with real-time monitoring
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Intuitive editing tools: cut, crop and loop your recordings
  • Waveform editing
  • Text and Photo marker support with real time application
  • Expandable collection of up to 17 intelligent effect processors to automatically optimize or creatively manipulate your recordings (Clean up, Brighten Voice, Smooth Voice, Speed Up, Speed Down, Pitch Shift, Morph, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Normalize, Compressor, Stereo Imager, 3-Band EQ, Fade, Optimize Tone, Optimize Volume)
  • Organize your recordings by creation date and geolocation tags
  • Export Audio files as compressed .m4a or uncompressed .wav
  • Export Video files
  • Export project — export audio and video as separate files
  • Inter-App Audio and AudioBus compatible*
  • iOS app is also available as FREE version
  • Android app is available only as FREE version

*Legal detail


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