16 Oct 2018

“iRig Duo is both incredibly useful and user-friendly for podcasting.”

03 May 2017

"All recorded signals sound clear, natural, balanced, defined and low-noise"

28 Sep 2016

"The iRig Mic Studio performs well ... even loud electric guitars won't intimidate it."

08 Aug 2016

"This is a serious tool for musicians on the go and podcasters"

18 Apr 2016

"We enthusiastically recommend it to singer/songwriters, mobile products and field recordists"

13 Oct 2015

iRig Pro, iRig UA, iRig Mic Studio & iRig Pads chosen as leaders of the pack!

16 Sep 2015

"It's easy to use and the results are outstanding"

04 Sep 2015

iRig Mic Studio - Gear Gods review (in progress)

22 Jul 2015

5 out of 5 stars - "A great little performer!"

Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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