16 Oct 2018

Podcaster Krissy Teegerstrom Reviews iRig Pro Duo

“iRig Duo is both incredibly useful and user-friendly for podcasting.”

IK Multimedia is known for making products that are fast and easy to use for musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and anyone doing AV work, including podcasters. Krissy Teegerstrom is a self starting podcaster who figured out how to do it on her own. Her latest interview is with Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads (you can see her iRig Duo set up behind them). IK Multimedia has become an integral part of her process creating podcasts for iTunes/Apple and Spotify. In Krissy’s set up she simply uses two high quality microphones that she plugs in via microphone cables to the IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo, and the iRig plugs right into her Mac laptop via USB.

She explains, “The iRig lets me adjust levels before I record, and of course I can mix and adjust my voice and my guest's voice as I edit. I knew nothing when I started this project, and I do all editing and producing myself, so I can attest that the iRig Duo is both incredibly useful and user-friendly for podcasting. I feel that using quality microphones with the iRig Pro Duo has helped me achieve a nice, high sound quality for my podcast.” - Krissy Teegerstrom (Podcaster, “Beyond and Back”)

Check out more on our iRig Pro Duo here.

Watch Krissy on Beyond and Back Podcast:


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