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iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar




Guitar Player Magazine reviews IK's advanced acoustic mic system

14 July 2017

Here are some quotes from the review of iRig Acoustic Stage from Guitar Player Magazine:

“I got excited when i first saw video of IK Multimedia’s iRig Acoustic Stage at the Winter NAMM Show on GP’s Instagram feed. The pick-shaped gadget sitting in the soundhole of the acoustic guitar is actually an omni-directional digital microphone that transmits its signal via the cord to a digital preamp/processor attached to the guitar strap. From there, a standard guitar cord routes the signal to an amp or P.A. What a clever innovation!”

“The iRig Acoustic Stage is easy to use.”

“The iRig Acoustic Stage offers endlessly interesting possibilities. It sure felt nice being able to move about relatively freely while being miked up.”

“Acoustic purists who can’t imagine cutting any holes in their favorite traditional instruments may find a strange digital bedfellow in the form of the iRig Acoustic Stage, and acoustic-electric enthusiasts should be enthralled to explore its blending potential. For just under a Benjamin, the iRig Acoustic Stage is a striking discovery.”

Read the review of iRig Acoustic Stage from Guitar Player Magazine

Learn more about IK's new mic system for recording and performing acoustic instruments, the iRig Acoustic Stage

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