05 Aug 2019

Marty Music shows his subscribers our affordable solution for amping acoustic guitars.

16 Aug 2018

"The iRig Acoustic Stage solves many issues acoustic guitarists have had to put up with in a live situation and eases your writing process in the studio."

14 Dec 2017

"There’s nothing else quite like it on the market"

22 Sep 2017

"A quick and simple solution for amplified solo performance"

15 Aug 2017

Performer's review of IK's advanced acoustic mic system

14 Jul 2017

Guitar Player Magazine reviews IK's advanced acoustic mic system

20 Jun 2017

Check out IK's new acoustic guitar mic system for recording and performance

18 Apr 2017

"Superb! - A fantastic little gadget that could transform the way you play live"

13 Apr 2017

Guitar Girl Mag's review of iRig Acoustic Stage

13 Apr 2017

Greg Gazin's review of iRig Acoustic Stage on

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