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iRig AcousticAcoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone and iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar




"The clip-on mic sidesteps room acoustics problems"

19 May 2017

Reviewing iRig Acoustic stage in the June issue of Sound on Sound, editor-in-chief Paul White was mightily impressed. Here are some of his key comments:

"Overall, the tonality came across as sounding pretty natural, and without the giveaway 'quacky' quality I hear from typical piezo bridge systems."

"If I didn't know what the recording method was I would have assumed I was hearing an external mic and the recorded sound needed very little in the way of extra finessing."

"The three tonal options provide sensible subtle variations which can be further tweaked using EQ."

"On turning up the monitor level to provoke deliberate feedback, pressing the big button killed it almost instantly."

"I can confirm that the iRig Acoustic Stage works fine as a USB recording interface."

Paul's final verdict was:

"In all then, it seems that the iRig Acoustic Stage does pretty much as claimed ... the results from this system are very encouraging, combining good note articulation with tonal depth. The clip-on mic sidesteps room acoustics problems and also reduces the spill from other instruments - Definitely worth a closer look."

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