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iRig AcousticAcoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone and iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar




Bass Musician reviews IK's new mic system for acoustic sound

2 March 2017

Here are some quotes from Jonathan Moody's review of iRig Acoustic Stage on Bass Musician Mag:

“iRig Acoustic Stage Brings New Depth to Acoustic Basses."

“…the iRig Acoustic Stage, an integrated microphone that will bring the life back into your acoustic instrument.”

“With roughly a 60/40 mix (iRig/Piezo), I got a sound that was currently not available on the instrument. And it sounded GREAT!”

“The iRig Acoustic Stage from IK Multimedia helps to bring a new depth and authenticity to the sound of your acoustic bass guitar, or in my case, ukulele bass. Priced at $99 USD, the iRig Acoustic Stage is one of the best mics on the market for acoustic instruments."

Read the review of iRig Acoustic Stage from Bass Musician Mag

Learn more about playing, performing and recording acoustic instruments with iRig Acoustic Stage.

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