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"Excellent tonal quality and amazing reduction of feedback"

4 May 2017

John McLaughlin, one of the world's most influential and prolific guitarists, has put iRig Acoustic Stage through its paces and is very impressed by the results. So much that he plans to be using it live on stage with his Wechter acoustic guitar.

Here's what he says himself:

"I'm very impressed with iRig Acoustic Stage: First of all, excellent tonal quality with good personal control over frequencies in the tone.

Secondly, amazing reduction of feedback which is such a difficult problem amplifying acoustic guitars with a microphone in a relatively loud musical environment."

John McLaughlin is regarded as one of the most influential and technically accomplished guitarists of all time, having mastered a remarkable range of styles and genres including jazz, Indian classical music and fusion. He has also incorporated aspects of Flamenco music in some of his acoustic periods.

John has been cited as a unique influence by a number of world's best musicians. He is a Grammy award winner and has been awarded multiple accolades such as "Guitarist of the year" and "Best Jazz Guitarist" from magazines such as DownBeat, Guitar Player, Guitar World and Rolling Stone. John is also referred to as the best guitarist alive by guitar greats Pat Metheny and Jeff Beck.

Before founding his legendary 1970s electric band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, John had already collaborated with Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Jaco Pastorius (apart from also giving guitar lessons to Jimmy Page!).

John became instrumental for establishing fusion as a genre. He also founded Shakti, an acoustic group that employed eminent traditional Indian musicians, and that gave him an opportunity to emerge in a musical and cultural environment he was personally passionate about, further pioneering to incorporate diverse musical elements into his music.

Later John famously teamed up with Paco De Lucia and Larry Coryell (later replaced by Al Di Meola) as the Guitar Trio and they continued to collaborate for decades.

In recent years John has toured with other jazz greats such as Chick Corea and Billy Cobham and there's no sign of him stopping. We're looking forward to his new ventures!

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