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"It delivers a great microphone sound!"

21 September 2017

One of the great new European gypsy jazz style guitarists, Joscho Stephan, came to visit us at the recent Musikmesse instrument fair in Frankfurt, Germany and he couldn't wait to tell us why he fell in love with his iRig Acoustic Stage.

Having played alongside acclaimed artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Olli Soikkeli, Frank Vignola and Adam Rafferty, Joscho is rapidly consolidating his position as one of the leading exponents and inheritors of the crown of the all-time great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Joscho told us:

"I love to make live recordings, however the problem is that often you want to hear only the clear acoustic sound. But with an amplified guitar (there is no other way on larger stages) you hear a lot of different sounds picked up by the microphone in front of the guitar (P.A. sound, amp sound and other nearby instruments).

So I was really delighted that the iRig Acoustic Stage delivers a great microphone sound, but what is even more important for me, the recorded track contains just the acoustic guitar signal - there were no other instrument or background noises which can often be heard when using a condenser mic for recording."

Apart from his busy touring schedule, Joscho is also a much-in-demand tutor at the Gypsy Guitar Academy - check out the link below.

Joscho has been kind enough to create these two videos so that you can hear exactly the sound he is achieving with his iRig Acoustic Stage:




We've just received Joscho's latest video. This uses iRig Acoustic Stage blended with an external mic to give a great acoustic guitar sound. Check it out now!


Visit the GypsyGuitarAcademy here
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