04 Jun 2019

"The UNO is a very capable synth that sits perfectly in any DJ/producer’s studio"

22 May 2019

"Well done, IK Multimedia.”

21 May 2019

"For $349, you get your dream guitar recording studio in a box."

21 May 2019

Reporting from Superbooth 2019: "We were mightily impressed!"

17 May 2019

"A high-quality analogue monosynth that’ll keep you coming back for more "

17 May 2019

"Conceptually very well thought out, with an ample sound library like no other"

14 May 2019

"The AXE I/O more than exceeds expectations"

01 May 2019

"Really solid and ultra-portable"

24 Apr 2019

"The ideal centrepiece for today's studio - it's more essential than ever!"

17 Apr 2019

“It’s one of those products that you didn’t know you needed until you got it, and then can’t do without."

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