16 Oct 2019

"I can fully endorse the manufacturer's promise of the ultra-flat frequency response and phase-coherent sound"

09 Oct 2019

"No other drum instrument comes close to its authenticity and flexibility"

04 Oct 2019

"MTM monitors provide plenty of power and deliver a very pleasing and balanced sound."

04 Oct 2019

"With this new type of modal synthesis it really seems the sky is the limit."

24 Sep 2019

"Very versatile monitors for home, project, and commercial studios."

24 Sep 2019

"The sounds are downright incredible."

18 Sep 2019

"This is simply a beautiful product that will give you an endless sonic palette.”

17 Sep 2019

"I really didn’t expect it to be as feature-rich and useable as it is.”

13 Sep 2019

"If it’s good enough for Joe Satriani…"

06 Sep 2019

"The UNO Drum is one step ahead with its mixture of analog and PCM sounds"

05 Sep 2019

"An impressive amount of beat action to be had from this diminutive box"

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