23 Jul 2021

NAMM TEC names two IK products for outstanding technical achievement

23 Jul 2021

“This plug-in offers creative possibilities that are second to none.”

19 Jul 2021

“All effects sound excellent, no question about it.”

19 Jul 2021

As Jamiroquai’s keyboard player demos some amazing sounds

14 Jul 2021

"IK Multimedia takes its UNO Synth to the pro level."

13 Jul 2021

“An excellent plug-in that will sit perfectly in your collection.”

09 Jul 2021

“There’s a lot to like about the punchy sound and flexible feature set.”

09 Jul 2021

“Does it genuinely deserve professional billing? Very much so!”

07 Jul 2021

“An inexpensive home studio upgrade with above-average build quality.”

04 Jul 2021

“This ultra-compact interface is flexible.”

02 Jul 2021

Find out how iLoud MTM meets all the requirements

25 Jun 2021

“A very potent analog synth that knows how to please.”

23 Jun 2021

“Another great emulation of classic gear from IK Multimedia.”

18 Jun 2021

See the best of our community-based video playlist

18 Jun 2021

Hear why he says it’s “My new favorite room simulation plug-in!”

16 Jun 2021

“AmpliTube 5 is that rare thing: an entirely worthwhile update”

14 Jun 2021

"Both UNO synth models put other higher-priced synths to shame!"

11 Jun 2021

Learn what's inside and what's ahead for the all-analog synthesizer

07 Jun 2021

“Vastly improved, the possibilities are endless!”

01 Jun 2021

“A super-cheap, quirky analogue monosynth that delivers”

24 May 2021

“Shames some much more expensive instruments!”

21 May 2021

“The whole thing is optimized for uncomplicated musical use!”

17 May 2021

"It works exactly as you’d expect. Perfectly!”

13 May 2021

Watch how the mobile musician creates a complete song


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