20 Oct 2021

“I dare you to pull this stuff up and not play those riffs!”

19 Oct 2021

“I think I’ve just found my new favorite plug-in!”

12 Oct 2021

Watch the video to hear all the classic and innovative sounds

11 Oct 2021

IK’s CSR: Classic Studio Reverb scores high for value and best sound

08 Oct 2021

Join Simeon Amburgey for some authentic pickin’ and grinnin’

06 Oct 2021

"This thing is a BEAST. It’s a winner!"

06 Oct 2021

“This one by IK Multimedia is just exceptional.”

30 Sep 2021

Watch as the reviewer explores some surprising combinations!

29 Sep 2021

"What I’d like to focus on here is value for money."

22 Sep 2021

“The sound quality is amazing! Really fun to dig into.”

20 Sep 2021

Watch as he dives in and tests IK’s new analog synthesizer

20 Sep 2021

“These exclusive Fender sounds in AmpliTube 5 are amazing!”

15 Sep 2021

UNO Synth and UNO Synth Pro are top picks in their price range

13 Sep 2021

The first X-Gear series pedal to be given a full run-through

13 Sep 2021

“Awesome selection of amps. Really the cream of the Orange crop.”

10 Sep 2021

Watch IK users make the most of their streaming setups

09 Sep 2021

“It represents fantastic value for money and feels indestructible to boot.”

08 Sep 2021

“Oh, this is nice. This is very nice!”

08 Sep 2021

“Definitely a keeper in my workflow, even more so with the upcoming editor plug-in.”

01 Sep 2021

“I think the X-DRIVE sounds wicked!”

01 Sep 2021

"It's a one-stop shop for all parts of the creative production process!"

31 Aug 2021

See what he has to say about IK’s new analog synth

27 Aug 2021

“That’s just a really good lead tone. OK, let’s ruin it.”

26 Aug 2021

“A huge strength of MixBox is how incredibly intuitive it is.”


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