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Can I use the Phone app, FaceTime, Skype, or Discord with my iRig?

Apps from Mac/PC and mobile platforms may seem very similar, but they are not always the same. At this time, apps like Skype for iOS/Android, Discord for iOS/Android, or the Stock Phone app (as well as FaceTime) for most mobile devices do not support digital audio devices. This is not a limitation of your iRig product, but the apps being used on the platform you are using it. On Mac/PC the Skype or Discord apps will have no issues using your digital iRig device.

While we do hope these apps allow for this use in the future. For now, these apps allow for Headphone port (3.5mm - TRRS) connected iRig devices, or "analog" iRig devices, to be used to some extent. Below are some notes which should help guide you to proper usage.

Important: On iOS/Android, the Phone app, FaceTime, Discord app, and Skype apps will not allow input monitoring when using analog iRig devices. This means the person you are calling can hear you, but you cannot hear yourself. Unfortunately, for these apps, there is no work around at this time.

For streaming use read more here.

For additional information, contact our support team here.

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