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UNO Drum Editor

Powerful kit and pattern control for Mac/PC and iOS

The UNO Drum Editor is a plugin and stand-alone app that makes UNO Drum hit even harder! Instantly change any parameter on the UNO Drum, from adjusting sounds to creating patterns, for complete control of your instrument right from your computer, or iPad. You can load and edit presets created on UNO itself, or build new kits and patterns from scratch and transfer to UNO for unplugged use. It offers powerful ways to integrate UNO Drum into your computer-based studio, or edit on the go from your mobile device.

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UNO Drum Editor for Mac/PC

UNO Drum Editor for iPad

Requires firmware 1.0.2 or above

A two-way street

Using the UNO Drum Editor, you can instantly control any parameter in real-time. The UNO Drum instantly responds to parameter changes in the Editor, and similarly, the Editor tracks changes made on the hardware, for a seamless workflow.

And UNO Drum Editor makes it easy to manage kits and patterns on UNO Drum itself. Load presets locally or from the hardware unit, edit and save on your device, or store back on UNO Drum to unplug and go.

Superior sound design

The Drum panel makes sound design a breeze, letting you showing all 12 elements at once. Use the drop-down menus above each element to instantly change between the 5 available sounds, then tweak them using the tune, snap, decay and other controls, just like on the unit itself.

A handy mixer lets you quickly set or adjust levels for each element, and the on-screen drum pads make it easier to trigger sounds from UNO Drum without taking your hands off your mouse.


Effortless groove creation

The Pattern panel makes it faster than ever to program patterns. The grid layout shows all elements and 16 steps, letting you edit or create grooves with just a few clicks. Just tap on any cell to insert a hit, or click on an existing hit to remove it.

You can edit the individual parameters of any element by clicking on its name on the left, to create automation by step. And thanks to UNO Editor’s bi-directional communication, to write automation live, just use the knobs on the unit itself.

This screen also offers convenient access to the Master effects, letting you set compression, drive and swing, as well as the pattern divisions and length, plus roll and stutter controls.

Plus, you can load, save and store presets either locally or on UNO Drum itself.

Connect your rig

UNO Drum Editor makes it a breeze to customize UNO Drum to your exact style. The Global Settings menu lets you map MIDI routings, channels, behavior and more. You can even use UNO DRUM as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller! These comprehensive controls make it easy to integrate UNO Drum into even the most advanced rig.



Outboard meets in-the-box

The UNO Drum Editor works as a standalone application, but using it as a plug-in in your DAW of choice unleashes an amazing new workflow.

Now you can play and program UNO Drum just like a virtual instrument with total recall, so the Editor will recall its previous settings each time you open an older session. And it's freely resizable, so you can adjust the screen size to fit your workflow. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of plug-ins, but with real analog sound and hands-on control.

An Editor that’s always with you

With most drum machines, once you’re outside the studio you’re limited to hands-on control. But since UNO Drum Editor is also available as a free download for iPad, it’s always with you, giving you a travel-ready groove creation station you can use anywhere.

It’s also ideal for live use – connect UNO Drum to an iPad to get a convenient, touch-sensitive control surface for nearly limitless real-time control.


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