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T-RackS ProcessorsAll the processors available inside T-RackS Custom Shop

T-RackS Custom ShopMixing and mastering plug-ins on demand

T-RackS 5Mixing and mastering workstation with 9 processors

T-RackS 5 DeluxeMixing and mastering workstation with 22 processors

T-RackS 5 MAXMixing and mastering workstation with 38 processors

What's Inside

T-RackS 5 Deluxe includes the following 22 T-RackS high-end audio processor modules. It can also be expanded with more modules.


Dyna-Mu Vari-mu Tube Compressor


Master Match Automatic matching mastering processor


EQual Precision EQ processor with analog curves


ONE All-in one Mastering Processor


Full Metering Full Metering Section for T-RackS 5


Mic Room Microphone Modeling Module

British Channel Solid-State Channel Strip


Black 76 Limiting Amplifier FET Compressor/Limiter

White 2A Levelling Amplifier Tube Opto Compressor/Limiter

Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670 Vari-MU Compressor/Limiter

Quad Comp Multi-Band Compressor

Quad Lim Multi-Band Limiter

Quad Image Multi-Band Stereo Imager

De-Esser Multi-Band De-Esser

EQP-1A Vintage Tube Program Equalizer Classic Analog Tube-Based EQ

Opto Compressor Optical-Based Compressor

Brickwall Limiter Intelligent, Multi-Algorithm Limiting

Linear Phase Equalizer High precision, High Definition EQ

Classic T-RackS Compressor Analog Modeled Compressor

Classic T-RackS Clipper Mastering Soft Clipper

Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter Three-Band Mastering Limiter

Classic T-RackS Equalizer Analog Modeled EQ


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