What's inside

Gear Available in AmpliTube SLASH

In AmpliTube SLASH you get:

6 Stompboxes

  • /Delay – Slash's Delay Pedal, this model is based on the Boss DD3 digital delay
  • Slash Gate – a handy little noise eliminator based on the MXR Smart-Gate
  • Slash "OctoBlue" – an octave & distortion pedal all in one! Based on the MXR Blue Box
  • Slash X-Chorus – extreme control over chorus rate and eq, based on the MXR Stereo Chorus
  • Slash's Secret Booster – kicks in the gain for solos, this little gem is based on a double secret Custom Audio Distortion/Boost pedal
  • Slash WahDist – why wouldn't you add a little more distortion with your wah? This über cool pedal is based on the Dunlop SW – 95 (Slash Wah). Get your "dirty wah" on

2 Amplifiers

  • Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee Head – Officially licensed Marshall JCM Slash unit. What more do you need? It's a Marshall!
  • Marshall AFD100 – Again, an official version of this unbelievable Marshall high-gain head. Rock on.

2 Cabinets

  • 4x12 1960AV SL – Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® 1960AV cabinet
  • 4x12 1960BV SL – Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® 1960BV cabinet

Below are all the models of gear included in AmpliTube SLASH, plus all the gear models you can add to your rig through AmpliTube Custom Shop.

AFD 100
Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® AFD100
The most aggressive amp head used by Slash. A dual mode amplifier that revisits the legendary tones of one of the most important rock albums of the last three decades: "Appetite for Destruction".
JCM Slash
Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® JCM SLASH 2555SL
The Marshall JCM Slash was designed to the specs of Slash's original 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 amplifier. It was the first amplifier built by Marshall as a signature model.
Based on MXR® CAE MC401Boost/Line Driver
The booster stomp box used by Slash. It boosts your signal up to 20 dB. It's perfect for solos, punchy rhythm parts or to drive effects harder for more dynamics and sensitivity.
X-Chorus Based on MXR® M134
The chorus stomp box used by Slash offering great control and flexibility. Used in one of the most famous song in the history of Rock: Paradise City. Use this stomp box with Clean/Crunch settings to add shimmer and moving modulation to arpeggios or chords.
Based on MXR® Blue Box™ Octave Fuzz
The Fuzz/Octave stomp box used by Slash. Adds fuzz to your signal and then duplicates it two octaves down. This is one of the most evil and vicious pedals!
Based on MXR® Smart Gate®
The gate stomp box used by Slash. It gates out noise slowly when notes are being held and quickly when they are stopped short. Three filter cut-off points are available: Hiss, Mid, or Full Band.
Based on BOSS® DD-3
The digital delay stomp box used by Slash. Based on one of the most famous modern digital delays. Use this effect to add space and repetitions to your parts.
Based on Dunlop Slash Signature Wah SW95
The wah pedal with integrated distortion used by Slash. One of the most classic wahs combined with powerful high gain distortion. Very useful on rock solos to add expression and bending.
4x12 1960AV SL
Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® 1960AV cabinet
The angled 1960 AV 4x12 Slash Signature Cabinet, equipped with Vintage 30 drivers
4x12 1960BV SL
Officially Certified Slash-Marshall® 1960BV cabinet
The straight 1960 BV 4x12 Slash Signature Cabinet, equipped with Vintage 30 drivers





JCM Slash


4x12 1960AV SL

4x12 1960BV SL

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