The bestseller goes digital

iRig USB gives guitar and bass players an affordable and easy way to practice, play and record at home or on the go. This digital version of IK’s widely popular iRig 2 features a sleek new enclosure with USB-C connectivity and comes bundled with IK’s latest amp and effects modeling technology.

Easily record ideas or jam along to your favorite backing tracks with killer tones and without the need of any other gear. When it’s time to play out loud, iRig USB offers a dedicated Amp Out so you can use your device tones with a real rig for playing and performing.

Whether it’s through headphones or loudspeakers, iRig USB makes playing fun again and inspiring wherever you go.

Key features

  • Compact audio interface for guitar or bass
  • Works with iPad, Mac, PC and iPhone 15*
  • 1/8″ headphones out for silent practice
  • 1/4″ Amp out connects to your amp or pedalboard
  • Works with your favorite learning, practice and recording apps
  • Packed with AmpliTube & TONEX amp modeling apps
  • Powered by your device, no batteries required

*Lightning devices require Apple's Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (sold separately) and a USB-C to USB-A cable (sold separately).

iRig USB
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Stereo Headphone/Monitor out.

USB-C connection for iPad, Mac, PC and iPhone 15.*

Gain LED indicator.

Gain control.

Instrument input.

Mono Amp out.

FX bypass switch.

iRig USB
  1. Stereo Headphone/Monitor out.
  2. USB-C connection for iPad, Mac, PC and iPhone 15.*
  3. Gain LED indicator.
  4. Gain control.
  5. Instrument input.
  6. Mono Amp out.
  7. FX bypass switch.

Ultra-compact with big sound

iRig USB is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet features a wide frequency response and dynamic range on the instrument input to work with any guitar or bass, active or passive. Setting your level is quick and easy using the large gain control knob with clipping indicator. And for listening back, both the Headphone Out and Amp Out offer exceptional sound quality for a device this size.

iRig USB

Play more, learn faster

Practicing should be fun and inspiring. Use iRig USB anywhere and connect to the most popular learning apps while playing through the best amp models. Use the included TONEX and AmpliTube apps to load one of your go-to tones then launch your preferred app to study music, tabs or the original song. It’s never been easier to make progress on your guitar journey.

iRig USB

Recording ideas

Next time inspiration hits, launch your favorite app and start recording in seconds. iRig USB is recognized by all desktop and iOS** recording apps. TONEX and AmpliTube for Mac/PC both work standalone or as plug-ins inside your favorite DAW so it’s easy to record a DI or a processed guitar part. On mobile devices, you can use iRig USB to record a DI or record a processed guitar part with the included TONEX or AmpliTube CS for iPhone and iPad.

**with iOS lightning device, the iRig USB will require a CCK connector/adapter.

iRig USB

Exclusive software included

iRig USB is ideal for exploring new sounds for guitar and bass. With Mac/PC and iOS versions of both TONEX and AmpliTube included, you’ll always have your dream rig with you for practicing and recording.

TONEX SE gives you the power of AI Machine Modeling and comes loaded with 200 Premium Tone Models, which are captures of real amps and pedals, plus you can browse, demo and download unlimited Tone Models from ToneNET. You can even use TONEX software for capturing your own amp and pedals to use at home, on the go and inside AmpliTube 5.

AmpliTube 5 SE for Mac/PC plus AmpliTube for iOS offer the ultimate tone processing and recording studio. Both versions give you essential amps, effects and speaker cabs to create amazing guitar and bass tones. Play, practice and record on your desktop or mobile device with the most authentic and hyper-realistic gear models ever made.

iRig USB
iRig USB
iRig USB

Jamming out with friends

No more lugging a pedalboard to rehearsal spaces or someone’s garage. Access to all your favorite tones is right in your pocket. Just show up, connect iRig USB’s Amp Out jack to an external amplifier or powered monitor and start playing incredible-sounding AmpliTube presets or TONEX Tone Models from your iOS device (or laptop).

iRig USB

Grow wherever you go

Whatever your level and style of music, iRig USB will keep you connected to the newest and best tools for sounding great, learning new songs, advancing as a player and recording ideas. Sound better, play more and improve faster throughout a lifetime of guitar with iRig USB.

iRig USB

*Legal detail | Warranty


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