14 Mar 2024

Audio News Room: “A powerful ally for musicians, podcasters and live streamers alike.”

11 Dec 2023

MusicRadar: “The best do-it-all USB mic and audio interface of 2023”

22 Jun 2023

“A do-it-all mic and audio interface for streaming, vlogging and podcasting.”

13 Jun 2023

Hear the live showcase of three "Behemoth" prototype basses

01 Jun 2023

MusicRadar’s best do-it-all USB mic and audio interface for podcasting

12 May 2023

Molly Rose: “Just plug your phone in here and record directly into TikTok!”

10 May 2023

MusicRadar names AXE I/O ONE and iRig Stream Mic Pro among the best

09 May 2023

Tips 4 Social Media: “The perfect mic to use for doing Duets on TikTok.”

12 Apr 2023

Emma McGann: “This is a great option if you're a content creator.”

28 Mar 2023

"With its solid build and omnidirectional sensitivity, this one is definitely a keeper."

Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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