05 Oct 2016

"It sounds really powerful while remaining natural at the same time"

08 Aug 2016

"A genuinely astonishing tool, especially given its price tag"

27 Jul 2016

Harmony-Central's review of iRig Acoustic and AmplITube Acoustic

27 Jul 2016

"The sound is very good, we really applaud the concept"

25 Jul 2016

Premier Guitar reviews iRig Acoustic and AmpliTube Acoustic

14 Jul 2016

“It captures the sound faithfully and without any unwanted noise”

14 Jul 2016

"The dynamics and timbre of the instrument’s natural sound are captured with an astounding detail"

12 Jul 2016

"It really does present the character of a condenser mic well"

11 Jul 2016

"Great range of sounds, stunning graphics, clever Feedback Killer"

08 Jul 2016

"IK Multimedia have a bit of a winner here!"

23 May 2016

"The quality of the microphone is impressive"

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