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iLoud MTM MKII multi-channel bundles

With the explosion of ATMOS® and other immersive audio systems, studios of all sizes must implement multi-channel monitoring from 7.1.4 and beyond. Luckily, iLoud MTM MKII are the ideal immersive audio reference system, packed with features to take your Atmos® mixes to the next level.

Ultra-accurate sound in any position

  • Built-in acoustic correction tunes to any placement
  • Point-source performance regardless of distance
  • Controlled dispersion reduces acoustic issues

Convenient Atmos® setup

  • Included in Dolby DARDT (Dolby Audio Room Design Tool) for precise installation
  • Integrated LFE bass management
  • Compact design that’s easy to mount anywhere

Accuracy made easy

iLoud MTM MKII studio monitors are now available in the latest Dolby Audio Room Design Tool (DARDT) for Atmos® systems. So you can quickly, easily and precisely install a multi-monitor setup that adheres to Dolby’s standards, anywhere.


Instantly adjusts to any positioning

iLoud MTM MKII’s built-in ARC self-calibration means it adjusts in seconds to any placement, including ceiling-mounting, correcting its output to ensure the most precise, balanced sound from every position without struggling with placement and spacing.


Point-source performance at any distance

iLoud MTM MKII is ideal for multichannel installations, being linear phase and having a point-source acoustic performance that’s accurate at any distance. This minimizes the inaccuracies conventional speakers introduce in the imaging, which is critical for multichannel and immersive setups.


Reduced acoustic interaction

iLoud MTM MKII’s midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer design boasts dramatically more controlled vertical dispersion than typical designs. This minimizes the speakers’ interaction with room acoustics (and each other), making it ideal for rooms not custom-tuned for surround audio.


Lighter, smaller and easy to mount

iLoud MTM MKII makes setting up a multichannel rig easy! At 30 – 50% smaller and lighter than comparable studio monitors, you’ll find setup a breeze in any size room. With available ceiling/wall mounting brackets, MTM MKIIs are fast to mount. And where that’s not an option, their threaded bottom fits on any standard microphone stand.


80 Hz low cutoff for bass management and subwoofer integration

iLoud MTM MKII has a deep low-frequency extension for its size. Being a compact speaker, using its lowest cutoff point requires reducing the maximum SPL. This isn’t ideal in immersive setups where that lower cutoff isn’t needed and speakers are at a greater distance from the mixing position.

Proper bass management can help by letting the main and surround speakers focus on the frequency range they do best and letting the subwoofers handle the low-frequency range.

Adding a standard 80 Hz (LFE) setting to MTM MKII allows for quick integration with subwoofers at the frequency and slope considered standard when managing bass in multichannel or immersive setups.


Immersive Mounting Solution

Custom IK mounting brackets for immersive installations are available. These rugged metal brackets are the perfect solution for installing iLoud MTM MKIIs anywhere and offer adjustment for positioning the speakers to suit your mixing space and configuration.

MTM MKII’s 3/8" threaded bottom also allows you to mount them directly to standard mic stands in most countries or by using a 5/8" male to 3/8" female thread adapter (required for the US and some territories). Between the brackets, threaded bottom and built-in ARC speaker calibration/room correction software, iLoud MTM MKII quickly adapts to any mixing space. Just add a sub of your choice for a 7.1.4 configuration.

iLoud MTM mounting bracket

iLoud MTM Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket

Bundle up and save


iLoud MTM MKII Immersive Bundle 11

11 x iLoud MTM MKII monitors + 1 ARC MEMS Mic.

Have questions on adding iLoud MTM MKII to your studio? Contact us here.

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