Simply record better audio for videos

The iLine Camera Adapter cable lets you use your iRig analog microphone and preamp with your video, DSLR or GoPro® style camera that has an AUX microphone input to capture high quality audio when filmmaking on the go. iLine Camera Adapter is also great for field recorders where a close proximity, more focused and clear recording is desired.


Most modern video cameras capture stunning high-resolution video, but the “built-in” microphone options leave something out of the mix.

With the iLine Camera Adapter cable, you can now use your iRig Mic Lav, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast, iRig Voice or iRig Pre/iKlip A/V and your studio condenser microphones or wireless mics to get better quality audio for your video masterpieces.

Now use the iRig Mic Lav with your video camera to capture high resolution audio interviews — great for broadcasters and podcasters on the go.

Recording a show? Use iRig Pre and your studio condenser mic to get the perfect performance on film.

For general audio capture on the go, you can’t beat the original iRig Mic and ultra affordable iRig Voice for dependable, hand-held audio performance.


iLine Camera Adapter works with these IK analog microphones and accessories:

  • iKlip A/V – broadcast smartphone and camera mount
  • iRig Pre – use any handheld or condenser XLR Microphone with your camera
  • iRig Mic Lav – the perfect affordable and chainable high quality lavalier microphone for interviews and presentations
  • iRig Mic – multi-purpose handheld microphone with 3 way input gain control
  • iRig Mic Cast – compact “podcasting” style microphone
  • iRig Voice – affordable multi-purpose handheld microphone


The iLine Camera Adapter works by sending the mono microphone signal from the iRig Mic model or iRig Pre or iKlip A/V TRRS output to both the left and right channels of the TRS stereo input on your camera. This provides full, rich audio content with less background noise and full range frequency response.

  • 1/8” (3.5mm) TRRS female to 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS male
  • Length: 3.94” (10cm)
  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • High-purity copper conductors
  • Low-capacitance insulation
  • High-density shielding

iLine range

Check the iLine range of cables, available as kit as well as single products*.


Mobile video like never before

IK's range of hand-held microphones, digital audio interfaces, stands and speakers can all be used for more than just music — each has been designed to provide professional-quality audio for mobile video as well. Now you have a complete range of microphones and accessories that let you get superior sound while recording video on the go.


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