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Gear Available in AmpliTube iOS

Below are all the models of gear included in AmpliTube iOS, plus all the gear models you can add to your rig through in-app purchase.


This model alters the sound of the input signal by changing the sample-rate, cutoff frequency and by distorting it. This effect can produce very aggressive distorted sounds, more pronunciated than overdrive stompboxes. The Low pass filter is very creative when combined to high distortion levels.


Based on MXR® Dynacomp™

This model is based on a traditional digital delay stomp pedal.


A model of a modern digital delay stomp box that allows up to one second of delay. Use this effect to add space and repetitions to your parts.


A model of a classic distortion stomp box from the 80s, with "Character" control added to make it more versatile. Use this stomp box with a Clean or Crunch amplifier to create lead sounds for solos or powerful rhythm parts.


Based on BOSS® DF-2

This hard-to-find vintage unit includes a built-in oscillator for infinite sustain. Hold notes to create amazing synth-like sounds or boost solos for more cutting tone, combined with classic distortion tones.

Noise Filter

This Stomp allows to reduce any unwanted noise that is coming from the input or from the instrument. Extremely useful on high gain rock and metal sounds where the input noise can become too high in certain cases.

Phazer 10

Based on MXR® Phaser 100

A model of a classic analog multimode Phaser stomp box.


This model is a traditional volume pedal.


Based on Acoustic® 360™ Bass Preamp

This amp toured and recorded for years with one of the biggest and bold rock bands ever. Classic rock tones are a natural with this amp, but it is also known for being used by one of the most famous jazz bassists of all time. Show no quarter and make your bass kill with this amp - solid state but loud and proud.

Matching Cab: 1x18"HB


Based on Marshall® JCM800

This classic British guitar amp is the go to amp for a variety of rock and heavy rock guitar sounds.

Matching Cab: 4x12"A

Vintage Metal Lead

Based on Marshall® JPM100™

An all-time classic, from it’s origin in the 70s, through Aussie hard rock, crazy 80’s metal and beyond. Few amps have rocked as hard, for as long.

Matching Cab: 4x12"MM1


Based on Based on Acoustic® 360 Horn Bass Cabinet

Matching Amp: 360Bass


Based on Marshall® 4x12" Cabinet with "Greenback" speakers

Matching Amp: Lead

Condenser 87

Based on Neumann® U-87™ condenser microphone

This is a model of one of the most popular large diaphragm mics ever. It can be found in any large recording studios mic locker. Because of it’s excellent frequency response curve, the 87 has become the go to mic when needing a clean, flattering sound.

Dynamic 57

Based on Shure® SM57™ dynamic microphone

This model has a flatter frequency response than the other dynamic mics. This mic is highly regarded as a guitar mic and used widely in studios all over the world.

2-Track Recorder

The 2-track recorder allows you to lay down your musical ideas. Recording sessions can be organized and saved into Projects. You can record instruments through the iRig interface or vocals through the built-in mic.

The lower part of the interface is dedicated to the mixer controls. The various mixer sections can be accessed by sliding through the different pages or by tapping on the respective icons on the right part of the pages. The Volume knob controls the output volume of the track while a VU-Meter shows the track volume level. The Pan knob allows to control the stereo positioning of the track.

The Effects switches enable the stomps and amp rig audio processing on the recorder track and allows to re-amp your track (so you can change the effects on your track without the need to re-record it). The Apply button permanently applies the effects on the track.

Loop Drummer Included Rock Groove

All versions of AmpliTube for iPhone and AmpliTube for iPad include 1 groove (8 loops) from the Loop Drummer Rock Pack.



Noise Filter

Phazer 10


Vintage Metal Lead



Condenser 87

Dynamic 57


2-Track Recorder

Loop Drummer

Loop Drummer Included Rock Groove

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