2 Sep 2019

Buy UNO, get a TRIO Sale

Register UNO Synth or UNO Drum, and get Syntronik* for free!

This month, we want you to get more out of your UNOs with our Buy UNO, get a TRIO Sale.  From September 2nd through September 30th, register UNO Synth or UNO Drum, and get 3 free Syntronik Singles of your choice from the list below.  Or, register UNO Synth and Drum, to complete your duo*, and get Syntronik full for free.

*Customers who already own either UNO Drum or UNO Synth only need to register the other to get Syntronik full.

Eligible Singles are:

Syntronik - T-03

  • Iconic bass sounds of the Roland TB-303

Syntronik - SAM

  • Iconic sounds of the Oberheim SEM synthesizer

Syntronik - Polymorph

  • Based on the Polymoog, Opus 3, Rogue, and Concertmate MG-1

Syntronik - 99

  • Our take on the Yamaha SY99

Syntronik - Blau

  • Classic sounds of the PPG Wave 2.3

Syntronik - Bully

  • The iconic bass sounds of the Moog Taurus I, II, and 3

Syntronik - DCO-X

  • Based on the Roland JX series classic synths

Syntronik - Galaxy

  • Our take on the Alesis Andromeda

Syntronik - Harpy 260

  • Iconic sounds of the ARP 2600

Syntronik - J-60

  • Based on the Juno 60, including chorus

Syntronik - J-8

  • Iconic sounds of the Roland Jupiter series

Syntronik - Minimod

  • Our take on the Minimoog, Modular and Voyager synths

Syntronik - Noir

  • Based on the Moog Prodigy, Micromoog and the Multimoog

Syntronik - OXa

  • Based on the Oberheim OB-X and OB-Xa

Syntronik - Pro-V

  • Classic sounds of the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10

Syntronik - String Box

  • Based on ARP, Elka, Hohner, and Roland string machines

Syntronik - V-80

  • Classic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80, GX-1 and CS-01

How to qualify for the promotion:

1. Purchase UNO Synth or UNO Drum from the IK online store or any participating IK Reseller.
2. Register your product online via the IK Multimedia website.
3. Go to your User Area and click on 'Promotions' to view the details and fill out the online redemption form.

All purchases from the IK online store are subject to VAT in the EU and may vary by country. Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice.  Sale from 2 September through 30 September, 2019.

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