04 Mar 2021

Adding features and fixes for both Mac/PC and iOS users

04 Mar 2021

The all-round music creation suite for every stage of production

04 Mar 2021

Only $/€39.99 for MODO BASS SE and MODO DRUM SE

02 Mar 2021

AmpliTube 5 leads the industry – and here's how we’re celebrating

02 Mar 2021

Up to 50% off total tube tone

26 Feb 2021

Get Hitmaker: Synthwave for free and 15% off UNO Synth Pro

25 Feb 2021

AmpliTube 5 leads the industry – find out how we’re celebrating

25 Feb 2021

How MODO BASS and DRUM are breaking sound barriers

23 Feb 2021

"IK have long been up with the best when it comes to modelling effects, and what's offered here is impressively convincing"

22 Feb 2021

And nail Slash’s tone on “Welcome to the Jungle”

18 Feb 2021

The best-selling XLR mic preamp for mobile devices adds DSLR compatibility

08 Feb 2021

Music Inc. makes announcement ahead of upcoming issue

08 Feb 2021

SoundBytes reviews the iRig Video Creator HD Bundle

05 Feb 2021

In the category that matters most to everyone

03 Feb 2021

Hear why the community is loving our #1 amp sim technology

03 Feb 2021

E&T reviews IK’s mixing and mastering plug-in

03 Feb 2021

Or try the new AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop for free!

03 Feb 2021

"It's definitely a great-sounding and exciting synth"

28 Jan 2021

It’s always Believe in Music Week at IK

28 Jan 2021

Check in to see the latest on UNO Synth Pro and more

28 Jan 2021

IK partners with zplane to change how you learn songs

20 Jan 2021

Watch and learn about its more advanced features

19 Jan 2021

Describing it as “a world of stellar tones”

15 Jan 2021

Bringing new ways for music makers to create, connect and share

13 Jan 2021

Next generation analog for everyone

12 Jan 2021

Enter to win an iRig Stream or AmpliTube 5

07 Jan 2021

Reserve your seat now and get T-RackS 5 SE for free

05 Jan 2021

By The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show

31 Dec 2020

Signature new sounds by the keyboard artist and composer

30 Dec 2020

Users are singing its praises on popular forums

29 Dec 2020

IK’s studio monitors voted #1 in year-end readers’ poll

23 Dec 2020

"You can assemble just about any rig you could dream of"

21 Dec 2020

Calling it “an equally powerful virtual rack for iOS”

16 Dec 2020

A must-get upgrade for AmpliTube, T‑Racks and SampleTank

11 Dec 2020

Spoiler alert: all three are for making and sharing music

07 Dec 2020

Fox 4 put IK’s iRig Video Creator HD bundle on their list of top tech gifts

03 Dec 2020

"500 series-style" plug-in offers iPad users 70 award-winning effects

25 Nov 2020

“IK Multimedia has gone all-in with its sound reproduction efforts”

24 Nov 2020

Why David Wish believes music education matters

23 Nov 2020

From a producer’s perspective, “Is MixBox worth the money?”

23 Nov 2020

Click here to join us for weekly live streams with giveaways, artists, tips & tricks, and so much more.

20 Nov 2020

How to achieve dramatically improved drum tracks

19 Nov 2020

In-depth masterclasses on MixBox and ARC System 3

18 Nov 2020

IK Multimedia takes part with a trio of in-depth videos

17 Nov 2020

How to get the producer’s personal favorites for free

17 Nov 2020

The in-depth review concludes with a 4.5/5 stars rating and no cons

16 Nov 2020

Go behind the scenes for a deep dive with the creators of AmpliTube 5

12 Nov 2020

Our recommendation for IK software and hardware users


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