21 Sep 2020

MixBox wins 5/5 and Gold Award from Gearspace

"Amazing processor collection at a bargain-basement price!"

Gearspace's Sound-Guy couldn't wait to get his hands on MixBox as soon as he heard of its announcement. He didn't have to wait very long to begin his customary in-depth examination of this fantastic new effects system. He was so impressed that he gave it a maximum 5-star score in all review categories plus the Gearspace Gold Review Award.

Here are some of his key comments:

"The presets provide a wide range of examples, from subtle compression and reverb to surprisingly wild and dynamic effects. This makes it perfect for live use if you use a computer at your gigs and very handy in the studio."

"The Saturator X module looks something like the saturator unit in T-RackS ... it is a fabulous sounding saturation unit!"

The Envelope Flanger is unique to me and I found it great fun."

"I found all 70 modules do what they are designed for, and provide excellent audio fidelity (except the distortion and saturation modules that degrade the audio as intended!)."

Sound-Guy's verdict was:

"An amazingly large and varied collection of high-quality processor modules housed in a useful “Lunchbox” configuration at a rather low price. I'd give it at least 8 stars in the Bang for Buck category if I could!"

+ Excellent and vast collection of fine and very useful audio processors.
+ Very effective “Lunchbox” format makes adjusting interactions between processors quick and easy.
+ Controls of every module respond to conventional DAW automation.
+ Much cheaper than buying a hardware Lunchbox enclosure and 70 modules

- Not anything I can really fault

5 stars out of 5 - Sound Quality
5 stars out of 5 - Ease of use
5 stars out of 5 - Features
5 stars out of 5 - Bang for buck
Overall Score  -  5 out of 5 stars

MixBox receives the Gearspace Gold Review Award

Read the full review on Gearspace
Learn more on MixBox


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