4 Sep 2020

T-RackS Space Delay wins Beat's MUST-HAVE award and 6/6 stars

"With its vintage sound character, it’s a very convincing emulation of the legendary Space Echo"

Beat Magazine has taken a close look at IK's new T-RackS Space Delay in their October 2020 issue. They were so impressed by its sound and functionality that they decided to give it their maximum 6/6 score and coveted MUST-HAVE award.

You can read some of the key comments from the English-language edition here:

"The Roland Space Echo is without a doubt one of the most legendary delay effects of the highest quality. With T-RackS Space Delay, IK Multimedia presents a detailed emulation of this cult device that was produced from 1974 to 1990."

"You can also individually position the three recording heads in the stereo field and create distinctive ducking and lo-fi effects. The plug-in sounds great on drums, guitars, keyboards and synths sounds, as well as on vocals. Used on complete mixes, Space Delay can create typical dub echoes for reggae, dancehall, etc. in no time at all."

"Whether you want to create rattling tape echoes, dub delays with screeching feedback, or striking spring reverb effects, this plug-in scores with a musical and very lively sound. With its vintage sound character, it’s a very convincing emulation of the legendary Space Echo. The Space Delay scores bonus points for its successful additional functions and convenient operation."

T-RackS Space Delay wins the maximum 6/6 score and the coveted MUST-HAVE award

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