27 Aug 2020

KVR Interviews Joe Satriani about new Album & AmpliTube Collection

A quarantine interview with Joe talks about how he brings his ideas into execution.

Coming off of his 22nd album release, Joe Satriani took some time to sit down with the folks at KVR to talk about quarantine and his latest projects.  Joe talks about how he takes his ideas from thoughts into tangible form by starting with written notes and expanding from there.  This is exactly how AmpliTube Satriani was born.

Commenting on his AmpliTube collection Joe says,

"This all started quite a while ago through my friend Mark Menghi, who has worked with several different companies. He reached out to me with the idea and I thought, wow, that's crazy. It would be great if I had my own signature sounds in the suite because I definitely would be using them."

After getting some input from our IK fans, we came together with Joe to pick out the perfect set of gear for his collection.  Joe comments on the modeling process saying,

"That was an interesting process. We had some audio stems and the pedals I used, like the original Rockman 2 driver DS1 overdrive, that I sent them off to IK in Italy. I thought that was really necessary."

"AmpliTube, in general, has the typical compression outboard gear for guitar players and bass players, so we didn't want to focus on that for this particular version, but rather the pedal stuff that I would have used. We have used compression in so many different ways. It such an interesting effect."

In the interview, Joe talks about how important keeping notes has been for his creative process.  He even dug through some from his very first album to see some of the exact processes that went into it.  After revisiting a few stories from the past involving his settings and placements, Joe says,

"All of these things came back to my head when I was talking to the IK team. They would ask, how did you do that? So, I sent as much as I had. They really went the distance. They picked up the right period pieces, cabinets and heads, and I even had them talking to Santiago Alvarez, the JVM designer to make sure that they had the right version of my signature Marshall amp. I think it worked out great, so I'm very happy with it."

An extensive, but worthwhile process, AmpliTube Joe Satriani combines the cooperation of IK developers, artists, producers, and employees all over the world!  By carefully studying the notes from Joe's years of albums and sessions, we were able to digitally recreate these soundscapes with a level of accuracy you can't find anywhere else.  AmpliTube Joe Satriani is truly something special, and you can experience it now from home available in a convenient desktop app and plug-in for your DAW.

Read the full review from KVR here.

Learn more about AmpliTube Joe Satriani here.


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