18 Jun 2020

SOS says: "SSSR looks good, sounds great and is easy to use - Recommended!"

"A very fine emulation of a very fine studio"

Sound on Sound's studio software expert, Dennis J Wilkins, has been taking an in-depth look at Sunset Sound Studio Reverb and he was impressed by its look, impressed by its ease of use and, most importantly, impressed by its sound.

Here are some of his key comments:

"All the rooms and reverbs are excellent, each offering a different character from the others."

"A major design goal was making impressive results both quick and easy and, to that end, IK have simplified options in the right places."

"Adding to the generally clean layout and fine graphics, a 360-degree image for the selected room can be rotated using your mouse, so you can see the layout."

"As pretty as SSSR's GUI is, the sound is what's important — and it sounds very nice indeed!"

"I compared SSSR with several of my favourite convolution and algorithmic reverbs, and, especially for vocals, guitar and drums, I preferred SSSR to the others almost every time."

Dennis's final verdict is:

"SSSR looks good, sounds great, is easy to use and doesn't munch CPU cycles ... and much cheaper and lower hassle than renting the real Sunset Sound Studio for a day! Recommended."

+ Several excellent-sounding reverbs, including spaces and mechanical types
+ Clean, logical layout makes it quick and easy to use, while offering plenty of control
+ Thoughtful preset system
+ Informative 360-degree images of each modelled room, with historical notes
+ Relatively light on CPU

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