4 Oct 2019

Recording Magazine Reviews iLoud MTM

"MTM monitors provide plenty of power and deliver a very pleasing and balanced sound."

 The September issue of Recording Magazine has a two-page review featuring our iLoud MTM studio monitors.  Explaining each feature in detail, Recording Magazine covers the meaning of the term MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange), IK's built-in DSP technology, built-in room calibration with the ARC System, and so much more.  Here are some takes from the review below.

“Even before they were burned in, I was impressed by the enveloping character of the sound that filled the room. After the burn-in, the imaging far exceeded my expectations and the low end was full but not overbearing.”

“On rock, jazz and hip-hop, the kick drum and bass guitar consistently sounded pronounced without being too boomy or muddy.”

“The top end feels smooth and detailed without being too bright.”

The imaging is top notch for its class, and they definitely perform well above their price point.

“These are a great size for home and project studios, and a nice compliment to bigger rooms with multiple sets of monitors. MTM monitors provide plenty of power and deliver a very pleasing and balanced sound."

iLoud MTM studio monitors will change the way you perceive your music.  Made for today's musician, the iLoud MTM's are made to fit perfectly into any studio setting, from home, to project, to professional!  Click here for more information and to order your pair today.

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