5 Sep 2019

Synth Savings App Promotion

Save 50% on SampleTank and Syntronik apps and in-app synth collections.

September is all about synthesizers and savings as we welcome in the Synth Savings before the holiday season.  From September 1 through September 28, save 50% on SampleTank and Syntronik apps and in-app synth collections.  Grab the sound pack you've been missing or go all-in for a fraction of the cost.  See the included apps and collections included below.

SampleTank FREE - Sonik Synth  $19.99   $9.99
SampleTank - Sonik Synth  $19.99   $9.99
SampleTank FREE - Future Synths  $19.99   $9.99
SampleTank - Future Synths  $19.99   $9.99
SampleTank FREE - SampleTank PRO - Synths Pack  $19.99   $9.99
SampleTank - SampleTank PRO - Synths Pack  $19.99   $9.99
Syntronik - Full collection  $79.99    $39.99
Syntronik CS - Full collection  $79.99    $39.99
Syntronik - Deluxe collection $99.99    $49.99
Syntronik CS - Deluxe collection  $99.99    $49.99
Syntronik - Deluxe collection upgrade  $19.99    $9.99
Syntronik CS - Deluxe collection upgrade  $19.99    $9.99
SampleTank $19.99    $9.99
Syntronik   $9.99    $4.99

Sale through 28 September, 2019.  Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. In-app purchase and app pricing is shown in USD, your territory pricing will vary based on Apple's App Store pricing model.  Prices do not include taxes.  IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice.

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