29 Mar 2019

The Gadgeteer Reviews iKlip 3

"iKlip 3 is a sturdy and versatile clamp that will hold almost all tablets."

The Gadgeteer spent some time with iKlip 3 Deluxe after writer, Mike Dixon, found himself with a need that he thought iKlip could fix.  With its rugged build, extreme versatility with multiple mounts, and strong clamping, iKlip 3 did the job (and then some).  Usable for a multitude of configurations, iKlip 3 is made to be a solution for all of your mounting needs.  Here are some quotes from the review:

Overall the iKlip 3 is a sturdy and versatile clamp that will hold almost all tablets. The mounting options allow you to use it in a multitude of configurations.

Mike Dixon, The Gadgeteer

"I volunteered for the iKlip 3 review because I had a specific need that I hoped the iKlip 3 could solve. I wanted to mount my Surface 3 tablet to my tripod so I could use it as a monitor for my camera while taking photos."

“Tablets are great portable devices, but occasionally you need to use them in places that don’t always have a good place to put them. The iKlip 3 from IK Multimedia aims to provide a solution for that…”
"The iKlip 3 certainly feels very rugged. The thermoplastic has a slightly flat finish that helps keep glare and fingerprints to a minimum. “
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