29 Mar 2019

Visuals Producer Reviews SampleTank 4

"SampleTank 4 has indeed become a true musician’s playground”

SampleTank 4 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be every musician’s “go to” workstation for music production.  After Visuals Producer received their copy of SampleTank 4 MAX, they have titled it a "true musician's playground".  Touching on the new resizable GUI, insanely large amount of samples, and "gorgeous interface", Visuals Producer points out everything that makes this updated sound and groove station so special.

SampleTank 4 has indeed become a true musician’s “playground”.

Here are some more highlights from the review:

"SampleTank’s sound browser is extremely efficient and a joy to work with."

"SampleTank 4’s mixer is an example of how a good interface can make a difference. It lets you access all the available effects, and you can mix an entire track in one window, keeping you focused on the music."

"There’s also a new effects modulation matrix, giving you more ways to modulate and shape your sound."

"SampleTank’s layering and mixing capabilities are further made more efficient by a new Parts interface, which offers visual indications of each loaded sample, and easy access to volume, pan, mute, and solo controls."

Read the full review on Visuals Producer here.

Learn more about SampleTank 4 here.

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