5 Feb 2019

"UNO Synth is nigh on perfect! - it is ideal for the bedroom tweaker"

"The UNO Synth is cute. I mean, just to look at it… it’s really cool."

Vintage synth blogger, Fairlight restorer and lover of all things analog, Failed Muso - better known to his friends as Rob Puricelli - recently had a chance to spend some quality time with the UNO Synth and was blown away by its great sound, ease of use and the power of this amazing machine.

Here are some of his key comments:

"The UNO Synth is cute. I mean, just to look at it… it’s really cool."

"So, how does it sound? In short…BIG - it certainly packs a sonic punch."

"One of the best features is parameter recording. Not only can you record any note in each step, but you can also record virtually all of the other synth parameters into each step too."

"You will be having fun the second you switch this thing on."

"For me, it’s not only the tone and excellent sound-shaping features, but the incredible integration with the editor that sets this thing apart."

"I love the sound of an analog synth but they’re often too expensive or too big to cram into my desktop setup. But UNO Synth fits in perfectly. It’s small in footprint and huge in sound and usability."

"The ability to adjust and automate all of those parameters directly in your DAW of choice is just incredible and a dream come true for me."

Rob's final verdict is:

"UNO Synth is nigh on perfect. It is ideal for the bedroom tweaker and I’ve already recommended it to a friend who was looking for his son’s first synth. It is absolutely perfect to learn the basics of subtractive synthesis on."

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