09 Nov 2018

Get authentic Hendrix tone for as low as $/€49.99

08 Nov 2018

Don't worry we've got you covered with some new USB-C cables!

08 Nov 2018

Harmony Central gives their in depth review of UNO Synth

08 Nov 2018

AskAudio announces their list of 5 Keyboard MIDI Controllers You Need To Know About, and iRig Keys I/O had made the cut.

07 Nov 2018

Watch a master demonstrate the ultimate floor tone rig using AmpliTube 4

06 Nov 2018

Improvements made to our Italian manufacturing and recording facility

02 Nov 2018

Harmony Central talks about iRig Stomp I/O and its compatible IK software.

02 Nov 2018

"Is it possible to build a reference monitor that’s so small you can put it in a briefcase, while retaining usable audio quality? IK says yes."

01 Nov 2018

"I was very impressed with what IK Multimedia was able to fit into this portable synth."

31 Oct 2018

"It’s crazy how good it sounds given its tiny size."

31 Oct 2018

Show us where you use your UNO Synth for a chance to win great prizes!

30 Oct 2018

See us at the DAF Creative Studios in Los Angeles

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