11 Aug 2023

UNO Synth PRO X First Reactions

See what reviewers are saying about IK’s new analog synth

UNO Synth PRO X is barely out and the videos and reviews are coming in fast. Influencers and sound designers are praising the new UNO's sound quality, ease of use and advanced features that let you create any sound imaginable.

Here's some of the positive feedback we received within days of releasing UNO Synth PRO X. Check out the video playlist to learn more.

There are very few monosynths that can do this at any price range. And even for poly synths, if you want this in analog, expect to pay much more!


This is simply one of the most satisfying compact synths in recent years, and it’s easy to stash in a backpack or gear bag alongside your other hardware or computer. Or stash it anywhere you need some instant inspiration!


The UNO Synth PRO X is a ton of fun from the get-go.


This is truly great. The synthesizer is 98% self-explanatory and you can figure out the rest quickly with a little trial and error.


What an amazing thing to slip in your backpack and have a full analog synth if you're producing on the move.


It sounds good, it's super hands-on, it's very immediate, it's easy to use, and that's important because it is a very complex synthesizer.


Oh, that's nice. I love the drive on this!


I love the fact it's so light and compact, yet with plenty of hands-on control, a big sound, and a solid effect section.


This is the first UNO Synth to feel like a Proper analogue synth and the sound is as big and bold as ever!


The PRO X is a fitting flagship model which holds its own against synths from much more established brands.

To achieve this level of sound while remaining so portable is truly impressive.


I'm really pleased they've updated the look of it, not just the fact that it's got the knobs and the buttons, but it looks more like how it feels to play.

Well worth checking out if you're in the market for an analog paraphonic synth.

Starsky Carr

This is a great synth to do some analog synthing. I never felt held back by the interface or the synth to reach the sound that I wanted.


If you're looking for a really nice and not too expensive analog mono synth, which has a lot of extras, with this little thing it's all possible.


It's the only synth in this price segment that has a mod matrix, dual-filter design. It has all of these cool advanced features that are worth checking out.


Messing with the filter, which has some really nice sweet spots in it, I have to say that it's a really nice ambient machine.


I love key tracking and the key tracking on this thing is sick!

Ricky Tinez

For a monophonic analog synthesizer with such a lot of features and clever functions, this is a true bargain.

All in all, an extremely versatile sound generator that is unparalleled among the analog competition.


This thing, wow! I hope I don't have anything in my teeth because I got a smile pasted across my face right now. Oh my God!

Aaron Batzdorff

They really listened to the feedback and improved a lot over the UNO Synth PRO making it a much better synthesizer overall.


For more takes, check out our YouTube Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/unosynthprox

Whether you're a seasoned sound designer or on the way to becoming one, UNO Synth PRO X is here to travel physically and sonically wherever you go.

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